The principles of Pacific Rim Steel Truss, LLC  were some of the original pioneers of cold-form steel truss fabricators on the West Coast, organized and founded in 1997 in Oregon. We have remained a driving force and leader in the industry.

We continue to serve the 12 Western states, including Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. The company was founded on the strict principals of honesty and integrity.

Our Commitment

Pacific Rim Steel Truss remains committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of work and providing value-added services to our customers, which over time, has set us apart from the rest. Our repeat business attests to this fact. Our employees take pride in completing each job right the first time. There is no compromise.

The continued growth and success of our business is the direct result of our dedicated, hard working, ethical staff and overall philosophy.


Pacific Rim Steel Truss offers the architect, engineer, contractor and owner all of the flexibility and design advantages over traditional wood framing in residential and commercial applications – relative price stability, moisture and insect resistance, increased weight-to-strength ratio and increased uniformity of material strength from member to member.

When utilized in commercial application, cold-formed steel trusses augment traditional steel framing to achieve fully non-combustible structures where required by the codes.

Quality Control

Because we care about our customers and the final product we deliver, we are an active participant with the Truss Plate Institute’s (TPI) Quality Assurance Inspection Program. Current International Building Code requires all truss manufacturers to have a quality control program certification by a third party inspection agency. Many municipalities now require a copy of the certification letter prior to issuing a building permit. Please click here to print our certification letter.

QualityTPI conducts random, unannounced inspections at our facility to ensure our truss designs and manufacturing quality are in accordance with all design criteria including UBC, IBC and AISI/COFS. All of the trusses we deliver bear an identifying label signifying our compliance in this program.

In addition, our trusses bear our in-house label which includes the following job-specific information:ACP

  • Job Name and Job Number
  • Truss Label
  • UL Listings
  • Company Contact Information

Pacific Rim Steel Truss Company